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Nishikigoi Memories
Today, the area in Niigata which was known as Yamakoshi is almost ‘easy’ to explore even for the first-time ‘Koi visitor’ to the area. Nowadays road signs are nearly all signed in both Kanji and English and most of the Koi farms do this also. (Two years ago the area which was known as Yamakoshi to us Koi freaks, was re-christened to either Ojiya or Nagaoka depending on the actual village one is exploring.) It seems a great pity to me that the name of Yamakoshi will soon be deleted from our vocabulary and, in a personal protest, I will always continue to use it - Long live Yamakoshi! No matter what the local government have decided, I will always refer to Mushigame village as being in Yamakoshi and NEVER as Nagaoka!

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Website Update
It is hard to believe that we had our first website many years ago, and here we are on our third update.  We have added many new features to the site for you to be able to browse and find what you are looking for much quicker, and much easier.

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